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RockGlass is a virtually unbreakable, shatter proof, crystal clear sheet that is up to 200X stronger than ordinary glass


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Security Glass Solution
Shatter Proof - Impact Resistant - Anti Intrusion

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This warranty is valid for RockGlass sheets in both transparent and coloured versions for flat or vertical installations only. The warranty covers 10 years on weather ability (impact strength) and 10 years for coating performance. 

1. For a period of 10 years, no breakage will occur due to direct impact of normal weather 

against the coated surface of the sheet. 

2. For a period of 10 years, no coating failure will occur. This refers solely to scratch resistance and adhesion at normal weather impact and when recommended cleaning instructions have been followed. Yellowness index, measured in accordance with ASTM E 313-96 shall change less than 10 units in comparison with the original value. For opal tints the yellowness index shall change less than 19 units in comparison with the original value. 

3. Warranty is not valid for unprotected edges. In case of unprotected edge, the warranty is only valid for the part min 50mm away from the edge. 

4. The RockGlass sheet must be handled, stored, installed and cleaned as recommended by ClearSecure. 

5. If the sheet has been machined, the warranty is only valid for coating performance according to the terms above. The warranty is not valid for thermoformed or cold bended RockGlass sheets. 

6. The starting date of this warranty is the date of original purchase and remains valid to the original purchaser only. Claimants must provide a receipt indicating the proof of purchase date. 

7. All claims must be made within 28 days of the alleged failure. 

8. The RockGlass must not be removed from its original installed location before an inspection by ClearSecure has occurred. In addition, ClearSecure reserves the right to independently investigate the circumstances that lead to the failure. 

9. Re-installation or fabrications expenses, and more generally any other claims for damage or loss, either direct or indirect, or consequential, whatever the cause thereof, are expressly excluded from this warranty. 

10. If the warranty claim is deemed justified, ClearSecure shall replace the material, or part of it, according to the following conditions: 

Time since the date of supply = percentage of replacement warranty.

Until the 5th year-  100%

During the 6th year- 75%

During the 7th year- 60%

During the 8th year- 45%

During the 9th year- 30%

During the 10th year- 15% 

11. In the case where the same product is not available within the current ClearSecure product range, a refund will be issued to the purchaser for the original purchase price of the affected sheets. 

12. Hybrid Sealed Units. We offer a 5 year warranty against seal failure. Hybrid sealed units to be fabricated using RockGlass and tempered glass to qualify for warranty. Hybrid sealed units must be glazed as per current glazing code, or warranty will be void. Neoprene setting blocks must be used at quarter points to support both panes of glass. Inspection/pictures will be required for all warranty claims. RockGlass installed in aluminum, fibre glass or vinyl framing is acceptable and will be covered by warranty. We do not offer warranty on RockGlass installed in wood framing. Any imperfections must be visible from a minimum of 6 ft away. Any imperfection closer than 6" from edge of sealed unit will not covered by warranty.

Care and Maintence

1. RockGlass sheet may be cleaned by using a clean soft sponge and washing with lukewarm water containing a mild soap or a slightly acidic, neutral or slightly alkaline detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with chamois leather or a moist sponge. A subsequent anti-static treatment is recommended.

2. Fresh paint splashes, grease, smeared glazing compounds, etc. can be removed before drying by rubbing lightly with isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth followed by a thorough wash and rinse as described above. Rust stains can be removed with a 10% oxalic acid solution.

3. Do not use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners, acetone, benzene, leaded gasoline or carbon tetrachloride on RockGlass sheet. Never scrape with razor-blades or other sharp instruments. Minor scratches can be removed or made less noticeable by polishing with hot air.

4. Having good electrical insulating properties, RockGlass sheet is subject to electric static charge and dust attraction. Treatment with an anti-static agent keeps the sheet free from static charge and dust over prolonged periods. There are some commercially available products which act simultaneously as cleaning agent and anti-static agent.


5. Before commencing certain operations on RockGlass sheet such as painting, screen printing or thermos forming, it is recommended that dust particles be blown off first, using an ionized air gun. Dusting with a regular air gun or a cloth only moves the particles rather than removing them.

6. The protective coating on the sheets makes it more tolerant towards chemical attacks. Stains from ink, paint and marks from graffiti can be removed with products designed for this purpose (ask the supplier for the right graffiti remover). Always be careful not to scratch the surface of the sheet, and - in case it is not compatible with polycarbonate - to avoid contact with non-coated areas (edges, holes,...). Suitable cleaning solvents for RockGlass at room temperature are water, white spirit, hexane, heptane, Ethyl alcohol, Butyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol (also known as IPA or isopropanol).

7. As far as cleaning in dish washing machines or rinsing devices is concerned, in order to remove bits of food and the remains of meals, care should be taken that the concentration recommended by the manufacturers, mostly 0,1-0,5%, of the normally strongly alkaline pre rinsing solution, is not exceeded. Also the temperature should not rise above60° c, better still 55° c. The rinsing cycle which follows, when usually weakly acidic or neutral active substances are contained in the water, can be carried out as usual at 80-85°C on account of the very short contact time (less than two minutes).

8. In order to avoid scale deposits the water used in cleaning equipment should be demineralized. If in spite of this lime has formed on the surface of the product it is advisable to remove this, e.g., with dilute acetic acid.

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"Broken glass has become a huge problem.  Rockglass is now the solution."

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