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Welcome to ClearSecure and thank you for visiting our website!  ClearSecure is a manufacturer and distributor of RockGlassTM, one of the best and only solution to broken glass! We supply RockGlass and fabricated Security Sealed Units and Security Screens for businesses, commercial properties, government buildings, residential homes, schools and heavy equipment machinery.  Our goal is simple: to solve the broken glass problem!   


RockGlassTM is lighter, stronger and more impact-resistant than regular glass and can withstand any type of damage, whether, vandalism or storms. ClearSecure also has an incredible network of highly trained RockGlassTM installers to give your business or home the greatest sense of safety and security.


Find out more about how we can help!


Trust, honesty and honour guide us in everything we do.


We hold ourselves to the highest level of responsibility and accountability for our clients, dealers and partners.

Mutual Respect

We lead by example and foster a culture of mutual respect among management, staff, and every single interaction we have with our clients and the community.


ClearSecure draws its strength from welcoming ideas, interests, and individuals from all walks of life!  


We are passionate about our product, our workers, our clients, and our clients’ customers!


ClearSecure is built on honesty and integrity, we are committed to providing superior service. Our primary focus will always be making your home or business as secure as it can be. We want RockGlass  on your child’s school, in your city’s hospitals, banks and more. Here at ClearSecure, we believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

We are ClearSecure Distribution

One of North America’s Largest Window-Security-System Distributor.

We’re launching these products in response to the broken glass crises around the world. With our Retrofit Framing System (RFS), you can fasten RockGlass and our RockScreens to any already-existing window. It’s the perfect way to secure your home or business.

The Unbreakable Windows team has worked around the clock to ensure our products perfectly suit your needs!

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"Broken glass has become a huge problem.  Rockglass is now the solution."

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