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  • What is ROCKGLASS made of?
    ROCKGLASS is made from high-impact polycarbonates, sodium oxide, and our revolutionary hard coating – which produces a glass-like shell for protection against regular buffs and scratches.
  • Is ROCKGLASS shatterproof ?
    Yes! ROCKGLASS will not shatter like tempered, float or laminated glass
  • Does ROCKGLASS change in color over time ?
    ROCKGLASS is 99.9% UV protected and is resistant to extreme temperature either hot or cold. Sunlight will not change the colour of the glass, a claim backed by our 10 year warranty.
  • What thickness does ROCKGLASS come in?
    ROCKGLASS comes in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm
  • What size does ROCKGLASS come in?
    Standard sheets are 79″ x 118″ Larger sheets are available on request, and we also offer custom cutting where applicable.
  • Can ROCKGLASS be scratched?
    Technically, yes, but so can tempered glass. However, with ROCKGLASS‘s mixed blend of materials and its proprietary hard coating, it has the best abrasion-resistance on the market.
  • Can ROCKGLASS be drilled for holes?
    ROCKGLASS can be drilled on site if needed.
  • How do you cut ROCKGLASS?
    You can use a table saw with an 80-100 tooth non ferrous carbide blade.
  • How do you ship ROCKGLASS?
    It can be shipped flat or vertically.
  • How do you remove graffiti from ROCKGLASS?
    The best way to remove graffiti is with isopropyl and a rag. The isopropyl will not damage ROCKGLASS.
  • How do I get out of a burning building equipped with ROCKGLASS windows?
    This question is asked often, for good reason. Remember that ROCKGLASS is Retrofitted onto whatever existing window system you already have in place, meaning that the window will still function however it was designed to function, even with the ROCKGLASS addition. Residential windows that can open, which will likely be most of them, will still be able to open. You are able to escape same as you would with regular glass. Commercial buildings should always have designated escape routes. In the event of an emergency, fire fighters have the equipment and training to gain entry to your building. For them, it would be similar to removing bars, roll shutters, and glass with films. RockGlass will not burn it will melt and slump in the opening.
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"Broken glass has become a huge problem.  Rockglass is now the solution."

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