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Why RockGlass?

We have expertly crafted products that are designed to keep your home or business as safe and secure as possible. Our products are: ROCKGLASS and ROCKSCREENS. RockGlass is a solution to broken glass that protects your existing glass windows from breaking, keeping you and your assets secure inside. Our RockScreens are a solution for the vulnerable parts of a building that still require airflow.



- Keith MacCharles, Vice President/Owner

“We were very impressed by not only the product, but the quality of service RockGlass provided. RockGlass is clearer than real glass. Other polycarbonate products have certain tints to them; this product doesn’t have that. It’s crystal clear.”

McDonald’s Canada
- Hiren Shah, Operations Manager

“RockGlass is an excellent product. I was impressed right away. We haven’t had any issues with break ins or vandalism since
installing RockGlass. Everything they say about the product is true. RockGlass holds
up to its reputation.”

Pony Corral
- Peter Ginakes, Owner

“RockGlass is a great product. This service is faster than any glass repair I’ve seen. Instead of calling a company that has to do a board up while they wait for your glass to come in, I call RockGlass for a fast repair. RockGlass would be my 911 call for broken windows.”

Rockglass New Logo.png

"Broken glass has become a huge problem.  Rockglass is now the solution."

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