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Dealer List



Kiwi Installations

 (204) 229-6642

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Glass Doctor

(204) 589-4341

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pioneer Window & Door

(204) 832-5586

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Border Glass

(204) 957-7200

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Newco (North End Weatherstripping)

(204) 775-5714

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stonewall Glass 2012 INC 

(204) 467-8929

Stonewall, Manitoba

Eskimo Point Lumber Supply 

(204) 586-8221

Winnipeg, Manitoba 



ClearLite Glass

(306) 359-0039

Regina, Saskatchewan 

Mid-Can Windows & Doors Mfgs

(306) 786-7944

Yorkton, Saskatchewan 

Glacier Glass

(306) 545-3990

Regina, Saskatchewan 

Showtime Glass

(306) 952-3580

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


Bay Lock & Security

(807) 345-5397

Thunder Bay, Ontario 


(416) 638-2539

Toronto, Ontario 

The Window & Door Store

1 (800) 815-2379

Fort Frances, Ontario

Kenora, Ontario


ProQual Construction

(780) 803-8506

Leduc, Alberta

Tim's Glass

(403) 934-5804

Strathmore, Alberta


Security Plus Security Sceens and Glass


Las Vegas, NV


Vitrerie Brunelle

Montreal, Qc



Premium Glass Security

Costa Rica

Why Become a Dealer?

Tremendous Business Opportunity

By carrying ClearSecure products, you open your business up to limitless possibilities for growth. Where once you may have only dealt in glass installs and repairs, you can now branch into perimeter security, virus-protection barriers, security screens, building upgrade projects, and the list goes on. With us, the sky’s the limit.

Consumer Interest

In these unprecedented times, the consumer’s interest has shifted from “what kind of deal can you give me?” to “what can you do to keep me safe?” Market trends indicate a newfound public appreciation for security – whether it’s protection from people who would harm them and their property, or protection from the germs & bacteria around them.

Thought-Leader Positioning

In becoming an Authorized Dealer, you position yourself and your company as progressive thinkers in your industry. Being the first to try something, especially when that thing is proven to be sustainable and effective, always reflects highly on whoever took the risk that is: trying something new.


Business Versatility

Going off of our explanation under “Tremendous Business Opportunity”, as you expand your business through different avenues you gradually become diversified. The more avenues your company begins to travel, the more public interest you will stir up; and public interest always goes hand-in-hand with good business.

Return on Investment

Chose from an Authorized dealer, Premiere Partner, ClearSecure manufacturing or manufacturing yourself. With the right timing, effort, and of course, products, there’s nothing keeping you from taking your business decisions to another level.

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"Broken glass has become a huge problem.  Rockglass is now the solution."

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